Return and Cancellation Policy


YesBuy strives to deliver extreme savings to create the best value of price and convenience to our customers, and as such, in order to continue delivering such value, YesBuy does NOT offer a return policy on its products in normal circumstances.

The exception to this rule is in case of physical damage or expiry of any of the products delivered by YesBuy, YesBuy will issue a refund for any items that are delivered with such physical damage or passed their expiry date.

Any errors of delivery such as missing items or wrong items being delivered will be warranted proper exchange or return as special cases.

As described in the Terms of Service, YesBuy does not warrant the satisfaction of any products sold on its site, so any satisfaction concern such as if the product taste or appearance do not appeal to the customer or if the customer finds out that a product does not function as advertised by the manufacturer or YesBuy then YesBuy is not obligated to accept the return of any such items.

Under the above terms, for any return related concerns, the customer must contact YesBuy on or call:  (+971) 4371 2657. from his/her registered email address and provide full details including order ID, names of items that are subject to the complaint, and specific reasons for the return as explained above. YesBuy may require more details and will correspond back using email or by calling the phone number registered in the order.

If a return is warranted then a YesBuy delivery agent will contact you to pick up the returned orders and provide replacement if applicable. The contact will be initiated on the phone number registered with us at the time of making the order. Failure to contact you for more than 3 attempts or 48 hours after sending the return confirmation email may result in voiding the return decision and canceling any committed refunds.


YesBuy permits cancellation of any order at any time between order check out and order delivery. Any orders that are still not delivered can be canceled through sending an email to stating the order # and requesting clearly the order canceling in the email subject. An email confirmation will be sent back to and confirming the order cancellation and refund.


Return and Cancellation Policy