1- Who we are?

YesBuy LLC, Inc. is a Dubai based Business to Business online company that provides ONE-STOP-SHOP services to international buyers of food and general products. Visit our About Us page to learn about what we do.

2-How can I get pricing information?

By creating an account with yesbuy.ae, after completing the registration form and after a short verification process (in some cases more information might be requested) you will receive a login and password to access the site with all available product pricing. Contact your sales representative for special pricing.

3-What if I want a product that is currently not listed on your site?

yesbuy.ae offers one of the largest listings of wholesale goods in the world, in case a required product is not shown in our catalog, inform your account Sales Representative or note it on the comment box when creating a quote.

4-Can I place an order by phone?

Yes! in both phone & online customers are encouraged to place their orders online & sales representative is always available to assist with any questions or concerns. you can call : (+971) 4371 2657

5-What are the payment methods accepted?

yesbuy.ae accepts the standard secured International methods of payment:

  • International Bank Transfers: made in the seller’s currency (US Dollars)
  • Irrevocable Letter of Credits (Depending on the country)
  • Cash Against Documents (Through Foreign Bank and US local Bank)

6-Is there a MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) to buy from yesbuy.ae?

Yes, the preference is a single layer of each item but we also accept lower quantities (price varies based on quantities). Contact your sales representative for details.

7-How do I know I have reached a full container load?

Each order has a weight and volume calculator next to the container icon on top of the page, also after submitting order our Sales Representative will call & check your order.

8-What ports do yesbuy.ae ship from?

yesbuy.ae's corporate office and warehouse are located in Dubai-UAE, orders that are loaded from this warehouse are shipped from Port of UAE  depending on the shipping line.

9-How do I track my order?

The status of an order can be tracked through the "My Account" portal, once the container is shipped you will be provided with a tracking number to connect to the shipping company’s tracking page.

10-Can an order be canceled or changed after being placed?

After an order has been placed and it has been confirmed by your sales representative; yesbuy.ae will allow a 48-hour window for changes after this timeframe has expired the order will be considered final and no changes will be accepted.

11-Where can I find information about demurrage and free time?

Each shipping line has its own regulations on demurrage, detention time & rates:

  • Maersk Shipping Line allows 5 days of free detention time
  • MSC shipping line allows 8 days of free detention time
  • UASC Shipping Line, on special request, allows 10 or more days

* For additional free detention time send in a request at the time of booking, this would depend on the Port of destination/shipping lines’ discretion.

12-How are the refrigerated and frozen products shipped?

To ship refrigerated or frozen items we have to book a Reefer container with a specific temperature respective of the products (Example: chocolates are shipped 16.5C. with vents closed), the temperature has to be predetermined before booking. All the items in a Reefer container have to be placed on pallets due to moisture and/or condensation. 

YesBuy FAQ's